Alice Donahue is the Real Estate Broker of, serving the coast for two decades. She is the region’s exclusive source for real estate market analysis, having received the Governor’s award, and coverage in Texas Monthly and the New York Times.

Mike Stuart is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect Expert with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. He is the founder and former CEO of AssetWorks Inc. and USAF officer in the New Technology Division Electronic Security Command.

Mark Stuart, a registered architect in Texas, California, and Florida. He is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects and holds an NCARB certification, with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati and a master’s degree in architecture from Texas Tech University.

For over 20 years, Alice, Mike, and Mark have been business partners in real estate and technology ventures across Texas.

Our Story

Our narrative revolves around a family who relocated to the picturesque coastline to contribute to innovative projects. The coast, a hospitable and visually stunning location, abounds in activities that cater to people from all walks of life. The challenges posed by the storms are offset by the strong bonds of friendship, fostering resilience among the locals.

Back in the 90’s, we founded AssetWorks, a software enterprise, which we eventually sold. Subsequently, we made the move to the coastal region, acquiring Anchor Marina from Alice. Our initial days were spent immersing ourselves in the local culture and making connections. Our paths crossed with the Island Baptist Church, fostering a reconnection that has solidified into a longstanding partnership.

The combination of expertise in fields such as real estate, technology, and architecture within our team is indeed a rare sight. However, this unique blend of skills has enabled us to garner insights into the dynamics and future trends of the real estate market, placing us in the advantageous position to publish these great books.

Alice, Michael, Mark